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CHAPTER 3 SLUDGE THICKENING - Marmara Üniversitesi

Similar to the digesters, there are two design approaches in thickeners too: 1. Design based on experience. 2. Design based on Iaboratory data. 1. Design based on experience Solids throughput is an important criterion in the design of thickeners. The design is mostly based on the solids flux, i.e. kg solids/h/m2. Typical flux values are given ...

What is Gravity Disc Thickener? | Parason

The gravity thickener works on the principle of gravitational force by which the solid sludge is settled at the bottom of the sedimentation tank thus isolating the solid from the liquid. Gravity thickener is the best option for small quantity or limited stock preparation requirements. Gravity thickener is used to generate pulp in the quantity ...

gravity sludge thickener design -

gravity sludge thickener design_Improve Clarifier and Thickener Design and OperationImprove Clarifier and Thickener Design and Operation Using the batch flux curve method aids in optimal design and operation. CHEMICAL ENGINEE

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Tilted Plate Thickener 【Introduction】: A slurry gravity thickener designed with tilted plate in sedimentation area 【Settling area】: 20~3500m2 【Improvement】: The stirring device is installed in the center of tiled plate thickener; the vibrator is installed on the outer wall of cone to accelerate the thickening and avoid blockage.

Thickeners - Mineral Processing & Metallurgy

Thickeners, equipped with the patented spiral scrapers and angle rakes are a distinct improvement over all types of mechanical raking devices now in use. Specifications and thickener rake design. All Thickeners have the same general specifications, varying only as to type of machine. The specifications given for one will cover all.

Improve Clarifier and Thickener Design and Operation

Clarifiers and thickeners are essentially ide ntical units; a clarifier produces clean water, while a thickener concentrates a solids slurry as the desired product. In this discussion, thickener will be used to describe both units. Also, a gravity separation of solids from water is assumed to take place.

Trevi Environmental Solutions - Gravity thickener

An example of a gravity based sludge thickener is the Dortmund Tank. This type of sludge thickener, very similar to a clarifier, may be applied either continuously or in batch. The water that flows over the overflow edge of the sludge thickener is returned to the purification process while the thickened sludge can be pumped to a dewatering.

Picket Fence Thickener (Gravity Thickener) | Hydria Water

Picket Fence Thickener (Gravity Thickener) These machines are fabricated in robust designs usually made of ­stainless steel. Steel bridges or concrete slabs are used to carry drive unit system. There are a variety of configurations, with or without ­supplementary functions.

Thickener Feed System Design - WesTech Engineering, Inc.

Jun 14, 2016· Philip Lake reviews WesTech's EvenFlo™ feedwell design for the even distribution of the feed slurry in order to provide the end user with the most economical thickener in terms of flocculant consumption and size.. Gravity thickeners concentrate suspended solids in minerals slurries. These slurries typically are introduced at the center of the tanks and allowed to thicken to the desired density.


• Disc thickeners • Volute thickeners The advantages and disadvantages of thickener types should be considered when selecting equipment. Table 1 gives an overview of the most common mechanical thickening devices and their relative operational parameters. (See note at end of fact sheet.) Parameter Drum Thickener Gravity Belt Thickener Thickening

Circular Clarifiers & Thickeners | Monroe Environmental

Circular Clarifiers & Thickeners LindaVH 2019-09-17T13:55:26-04:00. Circular Clarifiers and Thickeners. New, rebuild, & retrofit designs for nearly all clarifier and thickener applications. ... This design is intended for secondary, biological, ...

High efficiency gravity thickener tank design | LZZG

High efficiency gravity thickener tank design. published date: 08-07-2019. Gravity thickener utilizes the relative density difference between solid particles and water in the sludge to achieve sludge thickener. The sludge from the primary sedimentation tank can be directly concentrated into the concentration tank for concentration. The water ...

Alfa Laval AS-H Belt Thickener

The Alfa Laval AS-H Belt Thickener is a gravity belt thickener used to thicken dilute sludge and slurries particularly those from biological and activated sludge processes. It is suitable for all municipal sludge types and all industrial sludge that flocculates. Benefits • No spill design • Minimum operator input • Low power consumption ...

Biosolids Technology Fact Sheet Gravity Thickening

xvEPA United States Environmental Protection Agency Biosolids Technology Fact Sheet Gravity Thickening DESCRIPTION Thickening is the process by which biosolids are condensed to produce a concentrated solids product and a relatively solids-free supernatant. ... or centrifuge thickener. DESIGN CRITERIA Preliminary Bench-Scale Study If ...

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Sludge Thickening Gravity Thickening Principle of Operation 1. Uses gravitational forces to separate water from sludge 2. Solids settle to bottom and become compacted as more solids settle 3. Thickened sludge is sent to stabilization process 4. Secondary sludge is not well suited for gravity thickening Main Components 1. Inlet distribution ...


Mar 02, 2014· GRAVITY THICKENER 1. GRAVITY THICKENER (SEDIMENTATION) Gravity thickener is essentially a sedimentation process similar to the process that occurs in all settling tanks. It is the most common process currently used for dewatering and for …

OVIVO® Thickener

Ovivo® bridge supported and column supported gravity thickeners provide high sludge concentrations and low solids effluent. The thickener mechanisms are robustly designed for long dependable life and can be tailored to a specific process. Ovivo thickeners can be used in new construction or designed to fit into existing tanks.

Sludge Thickening - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics

A design developed in the UK by the WRc (Warden, 1983), for waterworks sludge thickening applications, consists of a cylindrical tank of water depth 2–3.5 m with a shallow sloping floor (1 in 20). Sludge is introduced at a central feed well and the supernatant overflows a peripheral weir.

DOCUMENT' RESUME SE 041 599 AUTHOR Klopping, Paul H ...

*Gtavity Thickening. SE 041 599. PUB TYPE. ABSTRACT. The basic operation of the gravity thickener is described in this lesson, focusing on the theory of operation,--components found in.a typical thickener, and the parameters which must be understood in optimizing the opeation of the thickener. Attention is given to mathematics concepts Which ...

Sludge Thickening - Degremont®

Thickening is the first, and frequently inevitable, step in reducing the volume of sludge extracted from the water line. In fact, it is used to optimise the subsequent conditioning, stabilisation and dewatering stages by reducing structure sizes and operating costs.


the Continuous Gravity Thickener Obtained by the New ... gravity thickening processes: batch settling and continuous settling. ... Critical in the design of the thickener area is the minimum solids handling capacity. Work done by Kynch [12] was quite important as it was the basis

San Mateo Gravity Thickener Rehabilitation — HydroScience ...

HydroScience then prepared final recommendations and preliminary cost estimates to rehabilitate the entire gravity thickener system. HydroScience proceeded with final design, which included using concrete fill to convert the tanks from a square to circular configuration, recoating the effluent wells, demolition of unused piping and equipment ...


CHAPTER 6: DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION OF SLUDGE TREATMENT FACILITIES Figure 6.3 d Types of sludge pumps-continued Centrifugal Pumps Centrifugal pumps (as in notation 3 in Table 6.5 and Figure 6.3 a) for handling sludge must be of the non-clog type. They should be robust and should have easily accessible hand-holes for cleaning.

GBT – Gravity Belt Thickener - BDP Industries

The design encloses the feed dis-tribution assembly, gravity deck, fil-trate collection pan and thickened cake discharge. Units are avail-able in width from 0.5 meter to 4 meter. The enclosed GBT can be provide with manual or automatic tensioning and track-ing depending on the owners preference. 4 5 GBT TM– Gravity Belt Thickener

Gravity Thickening | Biosolids | US EPA

Gravity Thickening. Related Information. Information for Biosolids Managers. Thickening is the process by which biosolids are condensed to produce a concentrated solids product and a relatively solids-free supernatant. Thickening wastewater solids reduces the volume of residuals, improves operation, and reduces costs for subsequent storage ...

Conventional Gravity Thickeners - WesTech Engineering, Inc.

Conventional Gravity Thickener Overview: WesTech's complete line of high rate, heavy duty thickeners offers the most advanced designs for use in the industry. WesTech equipment is engineered and manufactured to the highest standard in quality. It offers the precision and durability required to …

Gravity Belt Thickener | Komline-Sanderson

Komline-Sanderson's Gravabelt® Gravity Belt Thickener is a rugged machine designed to provide many years of excellent service with minimum maintenance. The design of the Gravabelt® has been refined to incorporate features developed by Komline-Sanderson over the course of many years as a gravity belt thickener manufacturer:

Outotec Thickening technologies

Outotec® Thickening technologies Leading edge technologies for thickening and clarifying Outotec is a global leader in the design, fabrication and supply of thickening and clarifying solutions for the minerals industry. The revolutionary Outotec® High Rate Thickener has pioneered and redefined thickening and clarifying methods around the world.

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